Portal to memories past,
And lingering scents of 
long forgotten gatherings.

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Dreamscapes of long-departed times unfold with Sid Dickens this fall. Delicate fragments of history sparkle with hints of Medieval magic, inspired by Sid’s love of ancient folklore and historical fiction such as Game of Thrones. In this kingdom, emotion and elegance reign.

These new works continue the ever-inquisitive narrative of Sid’s unique catalogue, paying tribute to the great myths and mysteries of the ancient world. The rough yet refined quality of his signature iron-like finish walks us through the great halls of history, elaborately gilded by the hands of countless artisans. Images that richly illustrate Sid’s enduring affection for nature and a palette of warm sepia and a burst of midnight blue unite these fond effigies to Autumn.

As the laughter of joyful celebrations fades with the sun, candlelight illuminates the imagination with dreams of lost empires and noble kingdoms.

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