How I love my sweets!
(You know I do)
But none, my sweet, 
As much as you. 

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“With the Storybook Collection, I let my inner-child approach run free. I revived my happy childhood memories of those days when one could run wild and explore the world carefree as hours flew by…

These are precious memories that still live on in our hearts that I wanted to bring back to life. Through my Storybook Collection, I turn them into art.” – Sid Dickens

Once upon a time…

Each day was a playground of riddles and rhymes. We ran wild and explored it as hours flew by. These memories still live on, they colour our hearts. The Storybook Collection turns them into art! 

Now young ones surround us just brimming with life. They laugh like small jokers, quick rockets in flight. “One more chapter!”, they cry, for they still want to learn how a swan found its grace, as to bed they adjourn. 

All good stories do end, but endure in the world. They’re the pictures that go along with the words. Turn the page, and remember, as the hours turn to years that the ones dearest to us will not disappear. 

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